“Each with his own skills”

Craftsmen are people who have learned a specific trade and therefore have a lot of knowledge and experience in it. These are people who know what they are doing and what is expected of them.

The professionals that you can hire through us have a profession that you need in building and construction. People who are particularly good at working with their hands. Unfortunately, we find less and less of them in the Netherlands, but they are still there in Portugal. The companies we work with have known their employees for years and send the right men and/or women for your project or job.

The Portuguese are proud people and have a similar seafaring history as the Netherlands. Just like the Dutch, they like to travel and if they are given the opportunity to work and stay abroad temporarily or during a project, they seize the opportunity with both hands.

It is therefore a classic win-win situation. You get the right professionals who bring your project to a good result and the Portuguese receive more because our Dutch wages are higher than those in Portugal.